Jen English is a disruptive homeschool momma of 6 kids. She’s an entrepreneur in her soul, and is owner of The Play Cafe and Wapsi Weddings & Events, among other small side ventures that help keep her entertained. Her favorite thing to do is help people find purpose in their life.

Right now, Jen’s main focus is to guide her own kids on finding their purpose in life before they become stressed, overworked, and confused adults. She’s doing this through an unconventional homeschooling model known as unschooling.

As an adult with ADHD, a former Single-Mom, and recovering Alcoholic – Jen’s struggles have always been a glaring part of her journey. She truly believes that your kids are WHY you do something, not a reason you can’t.

Jen believes that you are put here on earth for a reason and it’s your job to explore all the world has to offer to find out why.

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